The Nordine Place

March 6th 2015

It had been a very mild winter so far so we decided to get an early start on the project. of course as soon as we decide we get a nice heavy snow fall. We delayed for 2 weeks but there was still a foot of snow on the ground the day we started.

Luckily we had a warm weekend and by the time we got the beam into place most of the snow was gone...... but not the mud

Our first load of lumber including the subfloor I Joists showed up on Monday March 9th. Jen's snowman didn't last long.

Took us two days to get all the I Joist, rimboard and blocking installed. Was a bit cold but it turned out great, Got inspected on Wed morning and headed home and back to work.

March 14th

my brother mike came up to help out for a couple of days. we were able to get the subfloor decking installed the first day and built up the two long walls the second day. everything takes longer than you think it will, we put in about 11 hours the second day to get the walls put together. Seemed to make more mistakes as the day wore on. 

Thats me dancing on the finished subfloor - a tradition for my friends on the CountryPlans,com forum

March 23rd

My oldest son Tyler and his girlfriend Amy came up to help me with raising some walls

Sure is great to have the help!

March 27th

Jen and I are back to work for 4 days this week and we got a lot done. Finished building and raising the ground floor walls, sheathed the ground floor and started building the interior walls. We will be ready to start the 2nd floor I-Joists first week on April